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Ace Best in their field
Aesthetics Simple cosmetic suregery.
AngelA benefactor, especially an unknown one
ArcAn arcology
Arctic Cool [As in It's cool] and anti-artic [not cool]
ASIST "Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology." The industry name for simsense.
AvatarDecker slang for a personal Matrix icon. Also called, a persona
Awakened Creature A creature altered genetically by the return of magic.
Badge Police or corporate security.
Bagged and Tagged To die
BakebrainGeneral purpose derogatory term indicating someone with limited or damage mental faculties ( idiot, jerk, moron.)
BallerinasReflex boosted female assassins in the employ of a major corp
BennieAn out-of-towner
BerserkideAny combat drug, particularly Black Lace.
BiffAirhead, bimbo
Bioroid A full-body conversion cyborg.
BiosoftCybernetic software chips that incorporate biological components in their construction. Thought to be superior in performance to purely artificial chips.
Biosystem Overstress The often fatal, heart attack-like condition, caused by excessive bioware implantation.
BiowareAny biological enhancement or replacement.
BitheadSlang for a decker or "nerdy" computer enthusiast
Bit Jockey Programmer.
Black Agent (Corp) An illegal operative.
Black Ops Any unofficial, corporate shadow-operations, either in-house or hired-out.
Black Ice Illegal countermeasure software which causes physical harm or death to an intruder
BladeA professional soldier or fighter, specializing in edged weapons.
Bleed To attack, injure, or kill.
Blood MoneyIncome from the illegal sale of organs to a body bank.
Blowing CodeA decker term for inputing or uploading information.
Body SculptThe process of having the body totally re-molded by vat-grown tissue & advanced plastic surgery.
BoosterGang member that uses cyberware, leathers, and violence as a way of life.
BountsBounty hunters
BopperA robot
Brain TapA datajack or a chipjack
Breederork slang for a "normal" human
Brush-up A shadowrun to collect background information.
BTL chipA "Better Than Life" chip, also called "DreamChips". An illegal cyber-data chip which provides the user a combination of artificial reality coupled with direct stimulation of different centers of the brain, highly addictive.
Buck RogersDerogatory phrase for an individual obsessed with high-tech weaponry
Buff To attack viciously with intent to maim or kill.
Bug-Out To flee from a situation or area.
Bushi Code of Honor. A key concept for most edgerunners.
BusinessIn slang context, crime. Also "Biz."
BuzzGo away. Buzz off
Cacked Killed
CarpetA electronic warfare jamming device.
Causing staticStarting trouble.
ChilledA hip term meaning, to be cool, together.
ChippedSenses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on, enhanced by cyberware
ChoobJerk, nerd, weirdo.
ChuckCaucasian person. Usually derogatory.
ChromaticHeavy Metal music [Chromer Slang for the fans]
ChromerSlang for metalheads, heavy metal fans
ChummerPal or Buddy
CinemaA movie, usually in tri-d
ClavieA playful or familiar cut-down or "slam," used among friends. Any person who lives in an enclave.
CleanerAn assassin used to eliminate all traces of a mission, including the participants.
Collar A white-collar worker, usually a low-level employee of a megacorp. Derogatory
Combat DrugsDesigner drugs for military use
CommThe telephone.
CorpCorporation, corporate.
CowboyA decker/netrunner.
Crashcart Docwagon rival (paramedics)
Creased Killed.
CredMoney, typically electronic funds.
Credstick A form of electronic currency
CSC A "Computer Sabotage Consultant". A tactful form of address for a netrunner.
Cube A decker who operates within the confines of the law.
Culture VultureA member of the media.
CyberdeckHardware used to access cyberspace.
CyberwareAny cybernetic/bionic body implant which replaces or augments a specific body function.
CylonDerogatory term for corporate security personnel.
DadieKnowledge or skill chip.
Dandelion EaterAn Elf, very insulting.
Dataslavea corporate decker or a data processing employee.
DatastealTheft of data from a computer, usually by decking.
DeckA cyberdeck or to use a cyberdeck illegally.
Dead PresidentsOld United States paper currency.
DEBS Transvestites, a type of posergang.
Deck Cyberdeck
DeckerA pirate cyberdeck user. Derived from 20th century "hacker."
DeckheadA Simsense addict. Or anyone with a datajack/ chipjack.
DeckjockeyAn expert cyberdeck user, usually a specialist and covertly accessing and stealing from corporate databases.
Delta A smuggling aircraft.
Deniable Saumrai slang for anyone hired to disavow, after the fact, all knowledge about a hosed run & participants.
Derms/DorphsDesigner drugs thatincrease healing rate and limit fatigue..
De-RezzTo kill someone or to terminate a program.
DinksAny member of a rival boostergang.
DirtnapSlang for death, as in "he's takin' a dirtnap."
DisTo treat with disrespect.
Doc BoxMedic's instrument kits, usually run at least partially by an expert system.
Doc WagonAmbulence/paramedic.
Domo ArigatoThank you (japanese)
Doughboy Someone wearing too much body armor.
Drek RunAny shadowrun of very little pay or challenge, offered when good work is scarce, or to newbies as a test.
DuckA person who carries more weapons than could possibly be needed.
DumpedInvoluntary ejection from the matrix.
Dust To kill.
Electrocur A guard dog with augmented offensive capabilities.
EnclaveCorporate subsidized housing aka the projects.
ExecCorporate executive.
ExoticAn obviously biosculpted individual, usually with non-human features
ExtractionA corporate kidnapping.
Ferryman An expert assassin.
FetishmanA talismonger, a dealer in magical items.
Firelane The clear area a weapon can put its shots into
FixerA go-between, deal maker, information broker.
FlashAnything spectacular or Hard currency
FlatlineTo die or to kill someone.
Flatlinedkilled in the matrix by Black IC.
Flea A non-netrunner who accompanies a netrunner on a netrun.
FlickercladdingA synthetic plastic material impregnated with fiber optics and temperature gauges designed to respond to skin temperature.
Fodder A derogatory term fixers use for solos.
FootprintA characteristic "hacking" style, one you can follow by seeing before.
Fossil Someone who refuses to give up old ways.
FragCommon swear word.
Fringe, TheEdges of society where nomads hang out, barrens.
FrobTo alter control settings in a random or mischievous fashion.
Fuse To kill someone possessing large quantities of cyberware.
Gaijin A derogatory term for a foreigner or outsider. (japaneses)
GargoyleSomeone whose job is gathering intelligence in the field, normally bedecked with surveillance gear.
GatoA smooth operator, cool person.
GeekTo kill.
Ghost A deckjockey who assists a "physical entry team" by entered and controlling the computer of the target site.
GibsonSomeone who tells the future; a psychic.
Glitter FolkRich people who only have time and money.
Goblinization Normal humans who metamorphosed, usually at puberty.
Go-ganger A bike gang member
GooseStreet slang for a prostitute.
GothicsA posergang whose motif is death and old b&w horror movies.
Grunge A derogatory term for an ork.
Guardian AngelSolo on a bodyguard job.
Gutter JumpersClaim jumpers among the homeless, squatters.
GyroA small one or two man helicopter.
HaiYes (japanese)
HalferSlang for a dwarf, derogatory.
Handle A working nick-name by which one is known on the streets
HardCool, hip, tough
HardwiredHaving Cyberware or unable to change, inflexible options.
HeatwaveA police crackdown.
HikunukiTo kidnap from a corporation "to extract." (japanese)
Hit and Run A shadowrun to drop viruses into a computer system.
Hitcher JacksCyberdeck attachments that allow non-cybered companions to accompany a decker into the Matrix.
HitmageA magic-using assassin.
HoiHi, Hello.
HoloA holographically generated image.
Homerun A shadowrun made on own initiative, and for personal gain, as opposed to being hired and paid by another to perform a specific task.
Hoop Behind. Backside
Hosed Louse up, screw up royally.
HydroHydrogen fuel or anyone crazy enough to take it as a drug.
ICESecurity software. Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics.
Icebreaker Any program or software designed to penetrate ice.
Info Bro Information broker.
InputA girlfriend, female companion.
InsertionThe delivery of a team near or to its operational area.
Jack Jack in, or enter cyberspace. Jack out, or to leave cyberspace
JakeA homosexual prostitute or a hustler.
JammingSex or moshing heavily in a band
JanderTo walk in an arrogant manner, to strut.
JoyBoy/JoyGirl Prostitute
Juvie/Juve A legal minor, eg. anyone under 8-years-old.
KamikazeAny suicide pilot, or a tailored amphetamine combat drug.
KeebAn Elf, very insulting. After a discontinued advertising campaign (Keebler).
KeiretsuA corporate, cartel, or conglomerate. (japanese)
Kibble CardGovernment food ration card.
Kick ArtistStreet slang, person hired to threaten or beat up someone, but not to kill them
KludgeA makeshift or temporary solution to a problem, usually sloppy and inefficient.
Knife BulletsArmor piercing ammunition.
Know, TheKnowledge or information.
KobunA Yakuza clan member.
Kobun Wa Good evening. (japanese)
Konnichi WaGood afternoon. (japanese)
KrovvyBloody. (Russian)
KuromakuA fixer, one who arranges.
Latch JockeyDigital hardware designer
Leash A corporate safeguard implanted into an employee to ensure loyalty and continued service. Like a cortex bomb.
LeechStreet-doc or med-tech, particularly one that is expensive or unrelaible.
Liquid Knuckles Any powerful chemical akin to Mace.
Lone Star Private police force used by some cities.
Lurker A decker who only sneaks into systems to look around, never taking anything.

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